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Virtual Fitness Challenges...

I have have achieved some pretty incredible results over the last 9 years of doing our programs, drinking Shakeology and following our nutrition plans and I have helped 100s of women achieve the same. I firmly believe this success is due to our online accountability groups as well as having a Coach that is there with you every step of the way. Having that support and someone (or a group) you can count on to celebrate your successes or motivate you when you feel discouraged or don't want to show up, is key!

Every month I run a variety of fitness challenges and online accountability groups…from our newest program, to a 3-day cleanse to a 4-week Gut Health Reset. There is literally something for everyone. Once you fill one of these forms out, I'll contact you within 24-48 hours to talk about how we can get you started. 

I was in the TEST GROUP for Sure Thing and it is an INCREDIBLE program. For 8 weeks, we’ll focus on Type Training along with simple eating plans, a gourmet superfood dessert shake, and a clean pre-workout supplement. The emphasis is on progress, not perfection, as we alternate between endurance and power-based strength training.

Every 4th week, we will focus on intentional movement and functional recovery, so we can support our muscles by giving them the rest and recovery they need. I cannot wait to see all of your progress with Megan as your trainer and our group to cheer you on. Your results will be a SURE THING. 

Does this sound like a good fit for you? I would love to get you set up to start off YOUR 2024 journey feeling amazing! Fill out the Sure Thing Interest Form and I'll send you all the info. 
Are you experiencing any of these red flags? 

- Tired ALL the time

- Struggling to lose weight despite working out and eating “healthy”

- Painful gas or bloating after eating

- Sugar cravings out of control

Many people experience one or more (or ALL) of these and have NO clue that so many of their issues are directly linked to how unhealthy their gut is.

4 Week Gut Protocol is all about whole, clean nutrition. Combined with the structure of Portion Fix, you will eliminate goods like gluten, soy, dairy, corn and alcohol over 4 weeks. These food habits do not have to last forever, but if you can heal your gut, curb cravings and feel what it feels like to FEEL GREAT again, it may change your eating habits for good! 

A healthy gut has so much more to do with our OVERALL health that we realize. In addition, you will have the option of adding on 4 weeks of NO-impact workouts that are suited for ANY fitness level. Fill out this form for more info!

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