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My T25 Transformation

I did it!  I just recently completed all 10 weeks of Focus T25 and let me just say, I feel amazing.  The workout, plus drinking Shakeology daily, plus eating clean (most of the time!) AND the support from my accountability group is the perfect equation for RESULTS!

Shaun T. (Hip Hop Abs, Insanity) designed T25 for people that are short on time.  You get an hour’s worth of results in only 25 minutes!!  You push play and you get it done!  At the same time that I started the exercise program, I also started drinking Shakeology.  What is Shakeology you ask?  Well, that’s a whole OTHER blog post waiting to be written, but in the meantime, if you click here, you can go to my site and check it out (or fill out the form at the bottom and I’ll be in touch!).

At first I drank Shakeology as my breakfast or after workout recovery.  I’m obsessed with the energy it gives me!  No mid-afternoon crash, no zombie mom!  Now that I’ve hit my goal weight, I drink it as a mid-morning snack and to maintain my weight.

My results?  Well, let’s just say I’m pretty thrilled!  The picture on the left was taken 6 weeks after having baby #3.  I’ve always been on the thinner side, but never toned.  I didn’t exercise, I ate what I wanted and my energy levels reflected that.  I was sick and tired of feeling so…tired!!  Cue an opportunity to become a Beachbody coach – a decision that has changed my life (cliche but SO true!).  T25 was the first workout program that I EVER did.  So if I can do it, so can YOU.  It works for anyone, at any fitness level.

I share clips of the moves on Instagram and Facebook to show potential challengers how much fun it can be!  It’s tough, don’t get me wrong, but it’s AWESOME!

Let’s talk details about the program.  It is 10 weeks long, broken into two 5-week sections, Alpha Focus and Beta Focus.  Alpha is your foundation (the first 5 weeks) and Beta is more dynamic.  Weights or resistance bands (included) are needed for Beta.  But don’t sweat it – there is a modifier in all 10 weeks.  It took me at least 3 weeks before I was completely off the modifier!

Are you interested in starting on a fitness journey of your own?  Or have questions about how Shakeology can hep you?  Fill out this form and I will be in touch.  There are programs to suit every lifestyle and fitness level – I can help you find the perfect one!

Fill out my online form.

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