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How and Why I Became a Beachbody Coach

I recently became a Beachbody coach (well, 5 months ago – where has the time gone?) and I felt that it was time to share my story!  Back in April, my friend, and now coach and mentor posted on Facebook that she was doing a ‘Sneak Peek’ into coaching.  I don’t know what possessed me…the number one reason was probably the fact that I had a one-month old and was ready to get my body back.  But I was also very curious about what it entailed – I had been watching her talk about coaching for 2 years.  Not only was she getting in the best shape ever, she was making money too?!  It was about time I found out more.

I went through the ‘Sneak Peek’ and by day 3 of 5, I was convinced that I needed to join.  The group of coaches that presented it were so nice and supportive…I was literally blown away.  I signed up immediately.  Now I’m no fitness expert or nutritionist.  So it kind of scared me.  How was I going to convince people to join me when I was JUST starting out myself?  Before I started coaching, I NEVER exercised.  I didn’t even like taking the dogs on walks!

My husband thought I was crazy (it’s always the husbands, I hear it time and time again!), but now he is more supportive than ever.  He was the first coach I ever signed, and he is now an Emerald coach as well!  I’ve grown, I’ve changed for the better since becoming a coach – and he sees that.  I’m happier, healthier and so is my family.  Best decision I EVER made.

So why is Beachbody so great?  And why should you consider becoming a coach?  Here are my top reasons:

  1. You do not have to be a salesperson to be a coach.  Consider yourself more like a blogger.  I share my experiences, whether it’s my workout, my favorite Shakeology recipe or teammates transformations.  If you get too salesy, people will tune you out.  If you share, they will start to wonder if it’s something that might be able to help them!

  2. There is no upfront inventory to purchase.  But, you should be proof the product works so I think it’s 100% necessary that as a coach, you are doing one of the Beachbody programs and drinking Shakeology daily.  It’s hard to guide others when you aren’t doing it yourself!

  3. All you need is a cell phone, tablet or computer and you can manage your business!  Most of our business is conducted through Facebook – messaging customers, placing challengers in accountability groups and posting about promotions.  I also use other social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram to reach out to potential customers.

  4. You put in as much time and energy as you can or want.  I am a stay at home mom so I do a lot of my work or checking in with challengers while my two oldest are at preschool or after everyone is in bed.  I am my own boss and work around MY schedule.

  5. Discount!  On all Beachbody programs, apparel and Shakeology!

And I seriously could go on and on.  My blog will still be 90% recipes, but I’ll also keep you up to date on Beachbody promotions, challenge groups and sharing my own experiences with each program I do.I would love to answer any question you have about becoming a coach.  Fill out the form on the right hand side and I’ll be in touch to talk you about becoming a coach or even just to get started on your own fitness journey.  Don’t forget to friend me on Facebook and to follow me on Instagram!

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