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Honey Butter

We go to Emerald Isle, North Carolina for our beach vacation almost every year and one of my absolute favorite treats is getting the honey butter croissants at one of the local restaurants.  Totally addicting.

I was making brunch for my visiting in-laws and decided to try my hand at making some honey butter for our biscuits.  It was a hit – an equally as addicting as the croissants from the restaurant!

Super creamy with just the right touch of sweetness.  I’ve been using it all week on my toast!  It’s almost too easy to make – you’ll want to have this in your fridge at all times, believe me…

Honey Butter

1/2 cup room temperature butter 3 tablespoons honey

Stir the 2 ingredients together until it is smooth and the honey is well incorporated.  Serve at room temperature on your favorite roll, biscuit or croissant.

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