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Homemade Bubbles and How to Make a Bubble Snake

It’s summer and it is the first week that we had no preschool, no camp and really nothing going on. Time for projects! Luckily, months ago, I had started a board on Pinterest, called appropriately, “Keeping the kiddos busy”. So, my 4-year old and I started looking at some of the things I pinned and she picked making bubbles.

We grabbed a bucket from our stash of beach toys and went to work. She’s a fantastic helper and did all the pouring and mixing herself. This mixture filled up about half of that bucket. Enough to make a ton of bubbles – that is unless you have a little brother and he ends up spilling it. But, we got plenty of bubble time in and it’s easy enough that I know we will make it again and again this summer!

It worked great. Of course I wasn’t totally prepared to be making bubbles that day so we ended up using the end of a sand toy that had a small hole to blow bubbles with. This mixture gets very sudsy, especially, again, if you have a little brother who just wants to play in the soap mixture. We just made sure to dip down into the bucket past the suds and into the more liquidy part.

I don’t recommend eating the bubbles, but try to tell that to a 2-year old…

Since we didn’t really have a true bubble wand, the kids got bored very easily. Well, daddy to the rescue! He googled how to make bubble wands and found this on wiki how. Bubble snakes! Yes, he used an old sock (haha!), which if I had known before hand that we were going to do this, I might have used something a little nicer looking, like a washcloth, for the pictures. Oh well, this is a glimpse into our fun, far from perfect life.

Definitely pretty cool. And easy too! All you need is a water bottle, scissors, fabric (sock or washcloth), and a rubber band. And of course your bubble mixture.

Luckily, there are loads of other homemade bubble wands on Pinterest. Click the link to go to my “Keeping the Kiddos Busy” board and follow along…I’ve pinned a few.

Homemade Bubbles 6 cups of water 1/2 cup dish soap 1/2 cup cornstarch 1 tablespoon baking powder

Mix everything together in a large bowl or bucket and use your favorite bubble wand or toy!


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