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Crock Pot Rotisserie Chicken

I am addicted to making whole roast chicken in the Crock Pot!  We have it weekly.  Not only does the chicken get so tender that it just falls off the bone, there are always leftovers for sandwiches or salads for the next couple of days.


Crock Pot Rotisserie Chicken

1 whole roast chicken, 4-5 pounds 1 medium onion 2 teaspoons paprika 1 teaspoon salt, plus extra for the cavity 1 teaspoon onion powder 1 teaspoon thyme 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper 1/4 teaspoon black pepper

Cut the onion in chunks and place in the bottom of the Crock Pot.  Reserve about 1/4 of the onion to place in the cavity of the chicken.  Combine the dried spices in a small bowl and set aside.

Remove the giblets from the chicken and season the inside with salt.  Place the reserved onion chunks in the cavity.  Using your fingers, gently loosen the skin connected to the breast and rub a small amount of the spice mixture directly on the meat.  Rub the remaining spices on the outside of the entire chicken.

Place the prepared chicken on top of the onions in the Crock Pot and turn to high.  Cook for 4-5 hours.

(Source: adapted from 100 Days of Real Food)

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